Challenge of Science Leadership 3 Day Course

The CSL 3 Day Course

This Course, now in its 11th year, enables participants to make significant advances in their leadership journey in just 3 days.

We do this by increasing their abilities in areas, including thinking strategically, influencing others, building networks, getting buy-in, managing their time and developing their leadership practice.

The course, designed for professionals working in the sciences, contains a range of practical tools with many opportunities for interaction amongst participants.

The course provides a set of tools and interactive learning experiences with a focus on 3 key areas:

Day 1: Creative and Strategic Thinking

Encouraging individuals and groups to think more creatively and strategically about key problems and opportunities.

Day 2: Influencing Behaviour 

Practical leadership tools and strategies for effective communication with people inside and outside your organisation

Day 3: Enabling Action

Tools for the development of effective strategies and networks around your big ideas and projects. Sessions on time management and action planning are included to enable participants to implement course practices in the workplace.

The CSL course has been run over 80 times since its inception in 2013 and has received very positive response from participants:

95%  agreed the course met their expectations

91% agreed the course would benefit their organisation

96% said they would recommend colleagues to take this course

90% better understood what they needed to do to be more successful in their professional life

98% considered they had tools to help them be more effective and productive in their work

89% had a plan of practical actions for their personal development

82% were more aware of their potential as a leader

81% felt more confident about their ability to lead

facilitation for science leadership

Who Attends?

We’ve worked with over 2,000 scientists from over 150 science organisations including those in academia, research, the government sector, the NGO community, and the corporate sector. 

for example, a recent course had participants from 11 organisations including the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, Defra, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Natural Resources Wales, Orsted, South West Water, UK Hydrographic Office, West Country Rivers Trust, Ocean Ecology and Natural England. 

By focusing on the science community, we have built a strong reputation which has meant that our training has had a lasting legacy both at an organisational and an individual level.

Science leadership training - group activity

The CSL Course can be run both externally and in-house.

External Course: This is currently offered 4 times a year –Plymouth (January and June), Cambridge (March) and Edinburgh (November).

External courses offer the opportunity to be ‘away’ from work, which allows participants to engage with other science professionals from a range of organisations, the chance to discover new perspectives and ways of working, and the safety of sharing work and leadership challenges.

In-house Course: we have run these for a variety of organisations in the UK and internationally. In the UK organisations include BAS, Cefas, JNCC, NOC, NERC, the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth, Natural England, AFBI, and SEPA.

In-house allows colleagues to deepen working relationships and create shared experience around the teaching and the tools which can then be reinforced in the workplace.

Course Registration and Payment

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Absolutely. We get many participants from the policy, regulation, advisory and NGO worlds from organisations like Cefas, Environment Agency, Defra and the IFCA’s. They face leadership challenges which have similarities to those faced by researchers and academics. And after many years of running the course we know that there is enough shared science background to facilitate communication and experience sharing between all participants.

3 main advantages that we hear from course participants:

1) It is easier to feel that you are away and thus get the maximum benefit of a 3 day course
2) You get to meet new people, which can give new perspectives and variety and can expand your network.
3) You may feel more at ease when if you are not sharing your experiences and challenges with people in your own organisation.

No pre-work, only a pre-course questionnaire which we send out with the pre-course information.

No, you will not need laptop, tablet or even your phone. The course sessions are completely off grid.

Usually 3-4 weeks before the course. Let us know if you need them earlier.

9:00 – 5:30 on the first 2 days and 9:00 – 5:00 on the 3rd day.

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