Improve your Work/Life Balance

  • Are you currently experiencing challenges around your work life balance?
  • Does it affect your delivery at work or your ability to have a good home life?
  • Do you want to improve it?

This highly interactive half day workshop will provide you with an opportunity to explore this challenge in more detail and identify a way forward that will work for you.

The objectives of this short workshop are to enable you to:

  • Better understand what success would look like – what do you want in terms of work life balance?
  • Clarify the main challenges that destabilise your work life balance
  • Identify options for achieving greater work life balance, including a time tactics plan for a few actions to improve your use of time
  • Start to develop new habits about balancing work and life.

Designed for groups of up to 20 people, the workshop provides an interactive learning environment with a mix of practical tools and approaches, which each participant applies to their own situation.

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