Workshops that Work

Successful workshops can make a significant contribution to:


  • Achieving knowledge exchange
  • Developing ideas collaboratively
  • Consulting with partners and stakeholders
  • Delivering education and training
  • Team and relationship building 


However, when not successful, these benefits are lost and as well as the cost of time and resource, there can also be costs in terms of confidence, trust and mutual understanding.

Over the 11 years we’ve been working with scientists through the Challenge of Science Leadership training we’ve heard many scientists tell us about the challenges they face in delivering effective workshops, particularly where time is short and resources limited.

So we designed a course to help them do it.

Workshops That Work

Workshops that Work is based on our experience in designing and delivering successful workshops for clients around the world, including universities, government agencies, biomedical start-ups, NGO’s and research organisations.

The course can be delivered in-house for an organisation and as an external course for participants from many organisations.