Online Workshops

Working online is so much the new normal that it is easy to forget how recent it is.

As in many organisations, Barefoot’s training courses and workshops had to go completely online during the pandemic. It was a big learning experience for us to work with people only via remote learning. It gave us a fresh look at what we do and ideas of how to improve our in-person work when it restarted in 2022.

So we understand the potential for online learning but also the challenges of providing genuine learning experiences in limited time periods for busy people who have work to get back to. 

Training time is a precious resource.

Barefoot’s half-day online workshops are designed to enable participants to

  • improve key skills that are needed in leadership roles
  • apply tools and processes to their own work situations
  • interact with others in the workshop for sharing feedback and experience
  • leave with some actions to take
  • have fun!