Reflections on Conference – What was good, what was missing?

The Barefoot Thinking Company - Challenge of Science Leadership

Two weeks ago, we attended the excellent Coastal Futures 2024 Conference in London as a sponsor of the event. In this article, I’m reflecting on our attendance at this conference and my previous blog article on The Power of Networking. So, what did we get out of sponsoring and attending the conference? 1. The feeling […]

The Postdoc Trap – What can you do if you’re in it?

Postdoc Trap - a postgraduate with his head on the desk

Found yourself in the ‘Postdoc Trap’? In this blog, Martin Bloxham investigates this phenomenon – what it is and how to get out of it. I was 33, I’d completed my PhD and I was doing my second Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship. And I felt trapped. I didn’t have a name for it then – I […]